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Francesca Dellera

After classical studies, Francesca Dellera moved to Rome, undertaking a brilliant career in photo modelling. Thanks to her physical attractiveness, she has been featured on numerous covers and has appeared in national and international magazines, working with the top names in photography: Helmuth Newton, Michel Comte, André Rau, Dominique Issermann, Greg Gorman, to mention but a few. The step to cinema was short: Francesca Dellera was noticed by Tinto Brass, who – following the success achieved with Stefania Sandrelli in the film La chiave (The Key) – wanted a very young Francesca in the lead role of his next film. Later on she was assigned the role of Adriana in the TV series "La romana," a role played by Gina Lollobrigida the original film, who in this remake interprets Margherita, the mother of Adriana/Francesca Dellera. The series enjoyed great popular and critical success: an audience of over 10 million people admired Francesca and were touched by her interpretation. The success was such that the TV series won the coveted “Telegatto” award. But the definitive consecration of Francesca Dellera arrived with Marco Ferreri, who wrote the subject of the film La carne for her. The story of an intense passion with a tragic ending, the film features Francesca along with Sergio Castellitto. Presented at the Cannes Film Festival, it won critical and popular acclaim. It was a box-office smash both in Italy and abroad, increasing Francesca Dellera’s fame beyond the national borders. Ferreri declared her to be his new inspiring muse, stating that hers was the "most beautiful skin in Italian cinema" and placing her on the same plane with actresses Catherine Deneuve and Claudia Cardinale, who had inspired the great director in the past. After the Cannes experience, the bond strengthened between Francesca Dellera and France: the French love Francesca for her extraordinary beauty and this love are confirmed by the inclusion of Francesca Dellera in the prestigious book celebrating the first 50 years of the Cannes Film Festival. Again in France, the great director Jacques Deray – author of cult films that include La piscine (The Swimming Pool) with Romy Schneider and Alain Delon (a film recently chosen by Dior to advertise one of its perfumes) – directed Francesca Dellera in L'ours en peluche, based on G. Simenon’s novel and co-starring Alain Delon. After the French experience, Francesca returned to Italy to shoot the TV miniseries "Nanà," based on the famous novel by Emile Zola and directed by Alberto Negrin. Set in nineteenth-century Paris, Nanà (Francesca Dellera) plays a girl of uncommon beauty who is destined to become the most acclaimed vaudeville theatre artist. Next, working alongside French cinema myth Jeanne Moreau, Francesca Dellera was assigned the lead role in the TV blockbuster "La Contessa di Castiglione,” acting the part of Virginia Oldoini Verasis, Contessa of Castiglione, a woman of enormous charm and beauty, and protagonist of one of the most important pages of the history of the unification of Italy. The international cast directed by Josée Dayan includes Sergio Rubini, Christopher Thompson and Frédéric van den Driessche. Francesca Dellera is also featured in various national and international advertising campaigns and commercials for prestigious brands.

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  • Capriccio
  • Roba da ricchi (Stuff for the Rich)
  • La romana
  • La bugiarda (The Liar)
  • La carne
  • L'orso di peluche
  • Nanà
  • La contessa di Castiglione

Francesca Dellera Francesca Dellera... the most beautiful skin in Italian cinema Francesca Dellera