This Website is born of a group of admirers of surpassingly beautiful Francesca Dellera, to pay tribute to one of the most seductive actresses of Italian and international cinema. We like to think of Francesca Dellera as described in Giancarlo Dotto’s interview ( ): a mysterious and elusive woman who has made discretion the keynote of her lifestyle. The names of great directors revolve around Francesca Dellera, such as Marco Ferreri, who called on her to play the lead role in La Carne (The Flesh), a resounding success at the Cannes Film Festival (he would say of her: "Hers is the most beautiful skin in Italian cinema") or Giuseppe Patroni Griffi, to whom we owe the splendid remake of La romana (The Lady of Rome), as well as Jacques Deray, who wanted her at the side of cinema myth Alain Delon in the main female part of his film L'ours en peluche (The Teddy Bear). In addition, Francesca has been an exceptional model for such master photographers as Helmuth Newton, Dominique Issermann, Michel Comte, Greg Gorman, André Rau, who have immortalised her sensuality and her "beauty with a talking physical presence,” in the words of Tullio Kezich. She is both model and inspiring muse for Jean Paul Gaultier, genial stylist who granted Francesca the same privilege that till then had been granted only to Madonna: to parade for him as model of reference for the new collection. Our aim is therefore to pay tribute on the Internet to Francesca Dellera, she of "the most beautiful skin in Italian cinema," as Marco Ferreri put it, which will assuredly please all her fans.

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